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It’s not uncommon for a business organization to connect all of their computers together via the use of on one more servers.

  • These servers are used as a technical liaison for many different purposes.
  • One of the most important is providing a central resource for all of the company’s data to be stored and accessed.
  • Once this data is stored in a centralized source, it’s much easier for users to share information between one another.

So, there are many pros and benefits to these centralized networks. While there are numerous advantages, there are some disadvantages too.

  • One of the biggest disadvantages is the data that’s stored can also be loss in one or
  • ore quick actions. Some of the more common and notable include hard drive failures, computer viruses, or a natural disaster.
  • Therefore, to be prevent these and other similar problems from occurring without the possibility of recovering.
  • The information, the business owner and their representatives must employ the right resources to establish.

The best data recovery solution With this being said, this is one of the main reasons why many companies are hiring .

Affordable RAID Data Recovery Services to assist them with a reliable recovery procedure.

Before the business owner and their representatives make a decision to hire a specific services provider, however, there are few common areas that they should address and they are listed below. 

Computer Virus Damages the Server and Destroys all of the Data 

Most people do not know how devastating a computer virus can be until they have had an experience that renders their computer’s resources unusable.

How Can You Recover Your Dead Hard Drive

 U are no longer able to view the folders recover data from your hard drive and no data is accessible. Damn! Its all gone. Your have not even backed up your data anywhere and it was important documents and dear pictures that you can not afford to loose.

 This is a situation that happens with almost every PC and Laptop user as every hard drive fails, sooner or later. But don’t panic! The data can be recovered.

Try these methods to recover data from your dead hard Drive: 

Always turn off your PC and check for basic faults before drawing any conclusion about the hard drive. Sometimes its just the cables that are not plugged properly or have gotten loose. Make sure the power and data cables are snugly attached at the ends.

 Also check for any physical damages on the body of the hard drive. 

The easiest way to connect the drive to another PC is by using a USB IDE/SATA ADAPTER. If you do not have one available you can manually insert the hard disk into another PC as secondary device.

 Make sure the computer detects the hard drive in BIOS before it starts up or you wont be able to access the drive. There is a huge possibility that the drive may start working on the other PC and fault is in your motherboard. 

1. Use Linux to Recover Data

Sometimes you can get confused between a damaged file system and a hard drive failure. A damaged file system can also cause the Windows to not be able to see the drive. Running a file system repair can also get the problem solved. 

1. Run Data Recovery Software

when you get sure the fault is in the hard drive itself you should download any of the different softwares that are available on the internet for data recovery. Many of these softwares are free of cost and are efficient to get the job done for you.

 Rocuva, PC Inspector File Recovery, Hiren’s BootCD and GetDataBack are good softwares for data recovery. Mac users can use MiniTool Mac Data Recovery and Disk Drill to get the job done.

1. Freeze the Hard Drive

Sometimes the shaft of the drive expands due to over heating. This creates a blockage between the shaft and the bearings which seizes the hard drive from working.

 Keeping the hard drive enclosed in a plastic bag in the freezer for some time allows the material to shrink and get back to its original state, hence, clearing space for the shaft and bearings to turn. 


 Nearly everyone can relate data recovery service Tampa FL to the horrible feeling in your stomach in the event of a data loss occurrence. Data loss is actually inevitable as it is impossible to take a hundred percent precaution to avoid data loss.

Data loss can occur due to several reasons, some of which may be out of our control. Given below are the four major causes of data loss:

 1. Hard Drive Failure or Software Corruption

 After a certain span of time, a hard drive requires to be replaced as not doing so will just be an invitation for a data loss disaster. A hard drive is susceptible to crashing or failing which can lead to a major loss of data.

Software corruption is also a very real threat to data. Therefore it is essential to ensure compatibility of programs and installation of licensed software only.

 The second largest reason for the data loss has been and continues to be human error. Data loss in this case can occur when data is accidently deleted by a person.

In such a situation, the best thing to do is remain calm as panic can cause you to further worsen the situation. Additionally, data loss can occur if sensitive data is stolen by employees. This is known as ‘Employee Theft’ and is a major concern for business organizations.


 3. Virus 

 A virus is not only a threat to your credit card information as your data faces the same threat as well. Viruses and hackers are capable of erasing all your data off the hard drive. It becomes important in this case, to install an anti-virus while constantly backing up data. 

 4. Natural Disasters 

Natural disasters do cause some serious damage in regards to data loss. However despite the major data loss a natural disaster can cause, it is way more likely for a person to accidently hit the delete key than a flood to wash away all important data.

That being said, you need to brace yourself for a natural disaster as they can occur at any point of time without any warning. But as long as you have a sound Data Recovery plan in motion, everything will be alright.

While data loss can’t be prevented altogether, the loss of the same can be greatly minimized. Regular back-ups are necessary as well as cloud storage, as it guarantees a copy of all your data in the unfortunate event of data loss. 

How To Recover Deleted Files From My Mobile Phone

What happens How to Recover Deleted Files from My Mobile Phone when you delete data and later realize that you still need it? Quite a number of people go through this experience.

It is now possible to recover data that has been deleted intentionally or accidentally.For example text messages, videos, photos and more. All you need is a suitable software.

The most commonly used software for recovering deleted files from your mobile phone is Microsoft Free Android Data Recovery. It is very efficent and simple to use.

 One good thing about this amazing software is that it is compatible with different mobile devices that use Android operating system. For example HTC, Sumsung, LG,Google Nexus, Motorola and more.

This eliminates any doubt regarding whether it will work on your mobile phone or not. For the best results,you are advised not to use your mobile device until deleted files have been recovered.

This Is The Procedure On How To Recover Deleted Files From Your Mobile Phone

Downlaod the Software. Simply go to Gihosoft official website and look for download option.

Click on download. This will take few minutes depending on the speed of your internet. Once the set up has been downloaded, run it in your computer system

Once installed,select the data you want to recover and then click on next.

By using a USB cable, connect your mobile device to computer. The software installed in the computer will detect the phone and begin to scan it immediately.

Scanning will be completed and all the recovered data will be displayed. 

Confirm the data you want to recover and then click on ‘’Recover’’. By so doing, data will be saved in your computer by in HTML format.

 This software can also help you to recover any contacts that you might have erroneously deleted.

Data Backup

A guide to Small Businesses Data Backup

Data is vital to all individuals and businesses at large. It ought to be protected from loss and also ensure quick access when needed and Data Backup recovery in case of loss. That’s why its needs to be backed up. For small business, it couldn’t be big problem as they may not have much data to store hence it’s easy to backup and update from time to time. 

What to consider before choosing a backup for your data  

● That the backup alternative chosen adequately satisfies your storage need interns of space and amount of data to store.

● The safety of your data; that it is free from hackers and anyone who may steal the data and use it to blackmail you, for industrial espionage or release to competitors.

● The backup is available when needed; causing no delays to any operation in your business.

● The backed up data is always up to date. Make it your duty to always keep up to date data. For growing businesses someone can be assigned to do the job.

Back up alternatives for small businesses 

External hard disk drives 

Small business could conveniently use them to back up data. They store up large amount of data and could be easily carried along or stored at an accessible place to facilitate updates and access to any vital data that could be needed. The owner has complete control of who can access the data hence any leak can be easily traced. The devices also ensure privacy of the data is maintained due to the limited access. However, their cons include; the device may suffer from failures that may result in data loss, costing the organization to recover the Data Backup or even delay operations, may be expensive to purchase and it is time consuming to save data in the device. 

Data Backup
Data Backup

Use of network back up 

It’s a reliable place to back up data and it also makes it easy to use; as it’s available in the network, making it accessible to all in the organization using the data. This also makes it easy to update the data; each party, playing different roles in the organization, who may make additions to the data. They are then responsible for making it available to all and backing it up too. 

Pros; it enables sharing between networks, it consolidates your networks; in case you have more and it enables efficient working. It has its cons too; it works with specific operating system, in case of failure it may be so costly to the business, it requires more backup hence it’s hard to entirely rely on it and it’s expensive to install. 

Use of cloud backup 

It’s the most reliable mode of back up to use more so for those that work both in the office and from home. The cloud allows you access to the data from which ever place Twitter you are and doesn’t need to be proximal to the premises. It’s also easy and fast to use, saves data in seconds and enables data recovery in case of loss or deletion within a short time; it’s reliable. The cloud however requires internet connection to backup and access your data and privacy is not guaranteed as many people access the cloud. 

How To Make Your Computer Forensics Look Like A Million Bucks

Computer forensics involves the process of using the investigation and analysis techniques in order to collect and preserve evidence from a specific computing device and making the evidence presentable for a given case in a given court of law. The main aim of using computer forensics is conducting a well-formulated investigation while keeping a well-documented set of evidence in order to establish what exactly happened on a particular computing device and find out whoever was responsible.

Forensic investigators follow a set of procedures while carrying out computer forensics. After physically separating the device to be investigated to ensure that it is not accidentally contaminated. Thereafter the forensic investigators ensure a digital copy is made from the storage media of the device. Once the copy is made, the original media is locked down in a safe or any other secure facility so as to maintain its originality. All the investigation to be carried out is carried out from the digital copy. Over time, Computer forensics has developed its specific area of scientific expertise, with both accompanying certification and coursework. After knowing what computer forensics is and how it works, you might want to know how you can make your computer forensic software be highly valued and reliable. Well, there are two main things you can do to make your computer forensics look like a Million Bucks

• The main requirement for computer forensics is the digital forensic tools that help in carrying out the searches. Searches are the most critical part of computer forensics. This, therefore, means that for your computer forensics to look like a Million Bucks, you must ensure you have the most updated digital forensic tools. Some of the best Digital forensic tools used in computer forensics include LoadRunner, live python project, SuccessFactors, Encase, FTK manager, among others.

• Another thing you have to consider is using more than one operating system in your cyber forensic workstations. This helps in making your work easier through enabling flexibility, and it also enables you to use a variety of digital tools or even better in case your work is corrupted or lost you can be able to recover it with no struggle.

5 Important Things to Research Before Buying a Cell Phone

We all know that the world we now live in has been made a global village with the invention of cell phones and smart mobile phones such as the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Nearly everyone owns this gadget or plan to acquire a new one. The process of buying a cell phone can be very confusing if you have no idea on what you are looking for. The buyer needs to have that confidence when they walk into a shop to make that vital decision. The only way they will manage that is after they have done their research and know what to look for. We interviewed a data recovery company as well as a cell phone service center. The interviews had been interesting and bases on the responses we received, we came up with the following. So without further do, below are the things you should consider when making a Technology purchase and an investment in a new mobile phone.

The five important things to research before buying a cell phone are:

  1. Software

There are basically two major software that the buyer will be arguing with when it comes to mobile phone. This is either an android phone or an iPhone, these are the major dominating category of the phone at the moment. The software that you will end up choosing between the two will account to nearly ninety percent of how your phone will behave.

  1. What is your price?

With the availability of different kind of phone in the market and a variety of prices the buyer faces one of the most difficult decision. There are phone ranging for any price depending on the specification that you as the buyer is looking for. It is important to make a wise decision and choose a phone with most features and friendly to your pocket.

  1. Contract

At the moment you can easily get one of the latest and sophisticated phone by just signing a contract with the manufacture or the dealers. This is not one of the best ways to acquire one of these gadgets, if you can afford one just buy and forget about it. This is because you will end up paying much more for that phone that you have leased.

  1. Importance

Why do you need the cell phone in the first place? Is it because you are looking for a better camera, a good battery lifetime or just the general cost of the phone. The sooner you get a clear picture and realize your main objective of the phone the better you will make that decision of buying the phone.

  1. Season

There is this tendency of people rushing to buy a phone as soon as it is launched. This is one of the worst ideas ever. The reason is that you will end up paying so much for the same phone that if you had waited, the price would have dropped significantly. Take advantage of the season offer for the phones as they tend drop in prices.


You will never be satisfied with the phone that you have, and once in a while you will have to acquire a new model with new features. This is because cell phones keep on improving every day. It is very important to do your research very well and make a wise decision for yourself and for your pocket.