Nearly everyone can relate data recovery service Tampa FL to the horrible feeling in your stomach in the event of a data loss occurrence. Data loss is actually inevitable as it is impossible to take a hundred percent precaution to avoid data loss.

Data loss can occur due to several reasons, some of which may be out of our control. Given below are the four major causes of data loss:

 1. Hard Drive Failure or Software Corruption

 After a certain span of time, a hard drive requires to be replaced as not doing so will just be an invitation for a data loss disaster. A hard drive is susceptible to crashing or failing which can lead to a major loss of data.

Software corruption is also a very real threat to data. Therefore it is essential to ensure compatibility of programs and installation of licensed software only.

 The second largest reason for the data loss has been and continues to be human error. Data loss in this case can occur when data is accidently deleted by a person.

In such a situation, the best thing to do is remain calm as panic can cause you to further worsen the situation. Additionally, data loss can occur if sensitive data is stolen by employees. This is known as ‘Employee Theft’ and is a major concern for business organizations.


 3. Virus 

 A virus is not only a threat to your credit card information as your data faces the same threat as well. Viruses and hackers are capable of erasing all your data off the hard drive. It becomes important in this case, to install an anti-virus while constantly backing up data. 

 4. Natural Disasters 

Natural disasters do cause some serious damage in regards to data loss. However despite the major data loss a natural disaster can cause, it is way more likely for a person to accidently hit the delete key than a flood to wash away all important data.

That being said, you need to brace yourself for a natural disaster as they can occur at any point of time without any warning. But as long as you have a sound Data Recovery plan in motion, everything will be alright.

While data loss can’t be prevented altogether, the loss of the same can be greatly minimized. Regular back-ups are necessary as well as cloud storage, as it guarantees a copy of all your data in the unfortunate event of data loss.