How To Make Your Computer Forensics Look Like A Million Bucks

Computer forensics involves the process of using the investigation and analysis techniques in order to collect and preserve evidence from a specific computing device and making the evidence presentable for a given case in a given court of law. The main aim of using computer forensics is conducting a well-formulated investigation while keeping a well-documented set of evidence in order to establish what exactly happened on a particular computing device and find out whoever was responsible.

Forensic investigators follow a set of procedures while carrying out computer forensics. After physically separating the device to be investigated to ensure that it is not accidentally contaminated. Thereafter the forensic investigators ensure a digital copy is made from the storage media of the device. Once the copy is made, the original media is locked down in a safe or any other secure facility so as to maintain its originality. All the investigation to be carried out is carried out from the digital copy. Over time, Computer forensics has developed its specific area of scientific expertise, with both accompanying certification and coursework. After knowing what computer forensics is and how it works, you might want to know how you can make your computer forensic software be highly valued and reliable. Well, there are two main things you can do to make your computer forensics look like a Million Bucks

• The main requirement for computer forensics is the digital forensic tools that help in carrying out the searches. Searches are the most critical part of computer forensics. This, therefore, means that for your computer forensics to look like a Million Bucks, you must ensure you have the most updated digital forensic tools. Some of the best Digital forensic tools used in computer forensics include LoadRunner, live python project, SuccessFactors, Encase, FTK manager, among others.

• Another thing you have to consider is using more than one operating system in your cyber forensic workstations. This helps in making your work easier through enabling flexibility, and it also enables you to use a variety of digital tools or even better in case your work is corrupted or lost you can be able to recover it with no struggle.