Why does your small business need SSD?

If you’re a small business and looking to make your data storage more reliable without going to the cloud or are just looking for a good on-premise solution, a solid state drive is what you need. They are liable, don’t have the HDD crashes or bad sectors and can work for a long time. Plus, even if you’re wondering how useful it could be with some of its known issues, don’t. SSD experts are already working to make SSD data security even better than it already is.

Storage Industry Addresses the SSD Data Recovery IssueA special dedicated group has been formed to tackle the issue raised by Solid State Storage Industry regarding Data recovery Issue. In the Flash Memory Summit held recently, announcements were made regarding the creation of a dedicated group for data Recovery/ Erase to nurture standards in the Industry. The Storage Network Industry Association ( SNIA) And the Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI) made the decisions after the need for tools and standard have become enormous.

The chair of DR/ SIG, Gillware Data Recovery’s Scoot Holewinski bought a light to the matter stating “ The main issues that we face is lack of standards around the process”. It is noted that the Data recovery firms have been making conversation for the standard processes and tools for quite some time now. Further, he said, that it is clear that a summit would not be enough to keep the process at par. There are efforts being made by SIG to bring all the parties at one page to improve the data recovery process for solid-state storage. The major hindrance in the process is that the data from the SSD’s is not stationary and it moves around real quick. Thus, specific data recovery and standards become a little difficult. The need is a lot of assistance from the manufacturer as the use of Self-encrypted drives creates even bigger problems.

Unless the Recovery experts and the SSD designers work together, it is unlikely the issues could be resolved. The first step is to simplify the problem so that there is hope.Scoot reiterate that the bigger goal is to provide a combination option of data recovery and erase option as security alert enterprises are now looking for options to erase data selectively and irrevocably. Currently, it is difficult to identify remnants of files on SSD’s. The first step in the process is to invest the Drive makers and realize them the need otherwise getting engineering resource from them would be difficult. For now, specific one case solution is very expensive, which would be addressed once the solution sees the light of the day.

For your business though, it means even better news. It’s very unlikely you would lose data in an SSD but even if you do, the solution could become a lot cheaper than now!

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